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4 Reasons of Kundali Matching Before Wedding

Marriages in India are a treat to watch. Filled with a number of fun-filled pre-wedding rituals and colorful arrangements, Marriages throw a different shade of light here in the country. While Marriage is essentially the inter-mingling of two souls together, more or less, having similar kundali plays a deciding factor if the marriage should proceed or not.

Reasons of Kundali Matching Before Wedding

Horoscope Matching or as we Indians say, Kundli Milan (Kundli matching) is regarded among the most important step before the marriage of the bride and groom. Some people believe in this old-age tradition, some don’t but for those who do, there are a number of reasons why they all believe in this. You can find these reasons listed below.

#1. Finding Out Their Relationship Quotient.

Among the most important parameters which are usually taken in consideration before matching the Kundali is Ashtakoot or Guna, in India. When combined together, these Ashtakoots are 8 in total and they are compared among the two would-be groom and bride to check for their compatibility. Each ashtakoot measure a different numeric value whereas the sum of these 8 different Guna count to 36. People are usually happy with the relationship quotient if the match gets 18 or more value.

The 8 Guna Which Are Considered in Horoscope Matching Are Listed Below

  1. Tara – Longevity
  2. GrahaMaitri – Natural friendship
  3. Bhakoot – How one influences the other
  4. Varna – Matching of castes
  5. Yoni – Nature and characteristics
  6. Gan – Mental compatibility
  7. Vashya – Attraction
  8. Nadi – Possibility of Child Birth

#2. In Order To Foretell The Family Adjustment And Predict Their Financial Condition.

Trying to foretell the bride’s adjustment at her would-be in-laws’ place and having financial stability and security throughout the marriage is one of the chief reasons why people decide to have Horoscope matching before committing to a marriage. Future prospects such as their financial condition, job prospective and chances are promotion are thoroughly analyzed during the Kundali Matching phase.
Kundali Matching also places a lot of emphasis on the adjustment factor. It is better to check it in advance if the pair would be able to adjust to each other comfortably and with their families and are adaptive to changing surroundings or not.

#3. To Check If The Couple Would Be Mentally And Physically Compatible With Each Other In The Future.

The most important thing that astrologers and people who read Kundali are more often concerned while doing Horoscope Matching is to check if both the partners would be able to co-exist with each other throughout their lives. A detailed prediction of their behavioral patterns, their temporal issues, interest levels and mindset are done while matching their horoscopes. People who believe in Kundali Milan see these traits as very important for the compatibility between the two people.

In addition to this, matching horoscopes also includes way to find out if the would-be couple has a degree of physical attraction towards each other as no marriage can survive without the feeling of desirability among them for each other. Horoscope matching also reveals the potential health condition of the couple and how their futures are going to be together.

#4. To Ensure That The Marriage Is Compatible In All Aspects Or Not.

In the religion Hinduism, many people have the belief that Marriage is not only the union of two souls and minds for this generation, but also for the next 7 lives. The one major thing which the Kundali throws light about you is the relative positions of different planets when a person was born and how it would affect him/her throughout his life.

The Shastras teach us that the married couples are considered as a single entity after their marriage. Therefore, Matching the Kundali of the couple pre-marriage is the way to determine how one person’s destiny and luck would have an effect on the other person’s life. This is why people place a lot of value in ensuring that kundali’s are properly matched before proceeding with the marriage.

The Last Words

Since the old times, people have placed a lot of interest and value in ensuring that Kundali’s match before committing to the marriage. For them, Kundali is a fool-proof way to ensure that the marriage will last a long time and the above mentioned reasons are a testament to why horoscope matching is very important.

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