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Kundli Matching – Kundali Matching for Marriage

While it’s completely up to you to believe in the world of kundli, there are people who trust the conception so much. They believe that their faith in kundli and its impact on their life has been used so far. This is quite the reason why we see a huge number of people following the insights from kundli matching when it comes to making an important decision of their life. Obviously, if you have seen a religious family that belongs to Hindu culture of astrology and living, you would have seen the pertinence given to kundli as well. Be it a marriage, decisions related to education or some financial adventures; people do count on the advice they get from a detailed & proper interpretation of their kundli.

kundli matching

Two Available Methods For Kundli Matching –

At least for now, let’s not discuss whether kundli is completely scientific or not. If you want, you can check our other article that covers the scientific aspects and methodology of creating and analyzing one’s Kundli. We had also made a few mentions of Kundli matching, which is a technique used during a marriage of two people who have a Kundli. To be simple, it will be a comparison of the Kundli of the bride and groom but the actual story has a longer plot. Don’t worry; we will cover this aspect in detail in the upcoming parts of this guide. This guide, however, focuses on another topic that you might be confused about – Traditional kundli vs Kundli software. If you are not comfortable with English, you can opt for kundli in the Hindi language as well.

It has been on the discussion forums for a longer while than you expect. The reason is simple: we have been seeing a lot of digital counterparts to kundli matching and kundli making in the past decade. In other words, people did find out that kundli making had a better scope in the digital era too. Now, after a period of more than a decade, it’s time that we make the right decisions for the duo. In this article, we will have a thorough comparison of the two methods you can use for making, analyzing and matching kundli. The first one is the traditional one, for which you need to approach an astrologer; the second one is completely digital and they make use of a kundli software as they are called. Rather than going for the random choice, you’ve better option.

About Traditional Kundli Vs Kundli Matching Software Comparison

As you can guess, our comparisons will be side-by-side, covering almost every bit of doubt you may have. The idea is to help you make the right decision as far as your children’s kundli is concerned. While we don’t have any problem in going for the old-school method, we had seen a bunch of issues where a defective kundli caused a lot of issues. So, if you are believing in kundli and letting it have a flame of impact on your own decisions, you have the responsibility to ensure its authenticity. Obviously, you don’t want a document spoiling your whole life, just because the one who wrote it was a fraud. So, there are a few things you should understand before you jump into the world of kundli making or matching. All you need to have is this kundli software and you are all set to get your kundli.

To start with, we will have a brief introduction to both the methods of kundli making. After that, we will go through the pros and cons of both options so that you get the right idea. As you would want it, we have the traditional kundli-making process in the first position. Shall we get going, then?

1. Traditional Kundli Making and Kundli Matching

You would have a basic idea when you hear the word traditional. Many of you would replace the word with something like ‘old’. In this case, at least, we cannot blame you for doing that. For those who do not know, the world of astrology and kundli has been here for a longer while than you expect it to be. For more than a few centuries, people have been relying on astrology and kundli documents to make the right decision at the right time in their lives. It’s the same that has been happening in kundli matching by name as well. Now, we will see how the traditional mode of kundli making/matching works.

There is one thing that you cannot exclude in the process of making/matching kundli in the traditional way, and that’s an experienced and talented astrologer who knows about the elements of kundli and the Vedic concept of astrology. He/she is supposed to have a strong idea about the celestial bodies and their impact on one’s life, depending on the date of birth. There’s no traditional way without an astrologer. Is it clear?Kundli by AstrologerSuppose you have been blessed with a child and you want to have an idea about his/her future. Or, to be a bit more precise, you want him/her to have a great life ahead, without much troubles and with the effective relationships. And you decide to make a kundli for the kid, which you see as a document of insight. To do so, you first have to approach an astrologer with some basic information. The astrologer will need to know the time and date of the child’s birth; upon which he will be making some calculations. In most cases, he’ll first understand the planetary positions and other celestial body aspects at the time of the kid’s birth. It’s after that step that the actual process of kundli making begins.

Depending on the talent of the astrologer and the perfection you need, you may have to wait a few days for the kundli to get ready. And, if you happened to approach a popular kundli making astrologer, you may require more than that. OK, so, in a few days or so, you will receive the kundli document in your hand. And, as you may know, the document consists of the various information regarding one’s life, past, future as well as the present. Thereafter, one can start using kundli for various purposes, such as kundli matching by name as well as kundli matching according to date of birth.

We hope you are clear about the traditional process of kundli making.

2. Kundli Making & Kundli Matching By Using Kundli Software

You would have guessed a lot of things from the title itself. Things are a bit obvious because we’ve included the term ‘Software’ here. It basically means that you will be using a kind of software for making and matching kundli documents, right? Well, that’s pretty much the introduction you should have about going for a digital way of kundli making. However, for the sake of utter newbies, we will explain the process in simple terms. So, if you are someone who thought that there’s only one way to make and analyze kundli in the world, you can prove yourself wrong and get to know the whole new world ahead.

The biggest difference here is that you don’t need the help of a professional. Of course, the developers who made the kundli matching software would have received some help from some professionals, but let us not count that. What we meant to say was that you don’t have to approach an astrologer for making the kundli or- comparing two kundli’s for that matter. It all happens on your screen and you just have to provide the set of basic information you would have provided in the earlier method.

kundli matching by software

Let’s take the same example of childbirth here in this method. If you have decided to follow the digital way of kundli, you don’t have to rush to the astrologer. On the other hand, you need a computer and an internet connection is sometimes optional. For instance, if you are using an online service that helps you make kundli and compares them, you might need the help of an internet connection. Otherwise, there are a bunch of offline kundli software that takes care of every aspect and creates the correct kundli for your needs. You’d have to provide a bunch of information such as the time of birth, date, name etc. In a single click, the service or software will start the process of making one’s kundli. As you can see, everything is quick.

Rather than relying on an Astrologer’s head, online kundli making seeks the right help from perfectly-crafted algorithms. Depending on the level of perfection you need, there is provision for giving more data. You’d be able to provide the coordinates of the location where the kid was born. It’s completely up to you — but the more data you give; the more credible the kundli gets. Now that you have provided all the required info for the kundli making software, the calculations will begin. At the end of the day, you will receive a well-crafted document that is accurate when it comes to planetary positions and can be used for proper analysis. Things are almost the same for kundli matching as well, but we will cover them in a later section.

For the time being, you do surely have an idea about kundli making using online service/software.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Kundli Making & Kundli Matching

We now consider the two sides of the conventional method kundli making as well as kundli matching. Both sections have a few points and we will cover them from a neutral viewpoint.

Pros of Kundli Making in Traditional Way

The following reasons are why you can still go the traditional way of kundli making. All these reasons are applicable only if you are going for a responsible, authentic and experienced astrologer who has been proven to be effective when it comes to kundli and other astrologic documents. If that’s the case, you are welcome to check out these pros.

  • It’s Widely Accepted

As you may know, it’s not been quite a lot of time since people started using the digital kundli services from the web. And, we are comparing all these to the centuries of experience that the traditional methods have. So, if you are going for something quick, chances are high that the traditional method will receive a lot more acceptance than you would expect.

  • Experience Matters

Once again, we repeat the necessity of consulting a professional kundli maker who has enough experience what he/she is doing. In that case, you can count on the benefits of his own experience. We believe that it’ll have the noticeable impact on the interpretation of kundli rather than the making of it. The reason is simple: he will be able to bring into practice the things he has learned in the course of time.

  • It’s Common

This isn’t really a pro, but you can count it as a serious benefit of the traditional way. As you know, India still has some places where you can find no internet connectivity. Even in those places, you would not have a lot of trouble in finding an astrologer nearby. You can just ask your neighbor and find out where he is located. That’s it, you are ready to meet the kundli maker.

Cons of Kundli Making in Traditional Way

Obviously, this system isn’t perfect, and that’s why we came up with alternatives such as the kundli software for kundli matching and making. Out of the many problems you may encounter in the process, we think the following ones matter most. Shall we check them out? It needs to be noted that if you happen to stumble upon the fraudster ones among astrologers, you have more troubles than you expect.

  • Time Requirement

As you know, making a kundli with the help of an astrologer is a hectic task in terms of time required. It may take a few days and even a few weeks to get the kundli ready in your hand. The reason is the inclusion of human involvement. You need to wait until the astrologer has time to analyze your provided details, make the right calculations and come up with the document. This is the biggest disadvantage of traditional ways.

  • Chance Of Miscalculations

You may not believe this, but the chances of miscalculations are way too high in the traditional manner. Once again, we can blame the human nature for this issue. This happens when you approach an old astrologer for getting things done. They are relying on their memory to prepare the document, but the calculations might go wrong at some point.

  • It Can Be Subjective

The traditional astrologer can be biased at times. You cannot know if the astrologer you have approached has some grudge against you. If he has, the kundli can advertently make wrong. Goes without saying, this would have some negative impact on the person’s whole life, especially if he/she is going to use it for making the best decision on important occasions.

Pros and Cons of Software-Based Kundli Making & Kundli Matching

Obviously, the sole point of the article is here because the digital way of kundli making has its pros and cons. We will start with the Pros, which are the reason why we recommend this to the conventional way.

Pros of Software-based Kundli Making

You can expect the following benefits if you have decided to use some kundli matching app instead of going for an astrologer. Obviously, the word ‘app’ can be meaning a lot of things. Sometimes, it means a Windows app, or sometimes, it’s an easy-to-use web-based service. The take is yours, but the following benefits will be there for sure.

  • It’s Super Quick

With some exaggeration, creating a kundli using a software or web-service requires no time at all. All you’d have to do is entering the basic details about the person, whose kundli you are going to make. Just wait for a few seconds and you will have the required document on your screen. You don’t have to wait for that cool astrologer to become less busy and deal with your child’s future-insight document.

  • Anyone Can Do It

We talked about the element of availability and acceptance in the above section, but online methods offer something more. Because there is no astrologer involved directly, you don’t have to wait in lines or know a bunch of basics. Instead of all these, you have to enter the date and place of birth. Rest of things will be done by the algorithms and the service.

  • There’s No Bias

No computer would possibly have a bias against you or any person whose kundli is being made. So, you have a high chance of getting 100% authentic and worth-relying-on kundli. Obviously, the algorithms will be made with the advice from the top and talented astrologers and reliable information from trusted sources. There is no doubt about authenticity and you can completely rely on the kundli document that you receive.

Cons of Software-based Kundli Making

In fact, there aren’t many noticeable cons as far as software-based kundli making is concerned. However, for the sake of saying, we can list a few. Chances are, you won’t give a damn about these issues.

  • Accessibility

If you happen to live in a place where there is no internet connectivity — God knows where —, you will not have an option to create a kundli. We don’t still know who will be applicable to this problem, but, for the sake of problem, this is the problem of the digital method.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the noticeable pros and cons you should know about both traditional and software-powered ways of creating and kundli matching. While the choice can be depending on your requirements and the place you are from, the online method is at the same time quick and offers a lot of options. These are a lot more authentic too if you think from the broader perspective. Those services are using high-class algorithms to match two kundli’s or create a kundli using the details. So, make the right choice and have the right doc with you.

Kundali Matching for Marriage
  • Flexibility and Extensibility
  • Maintainability and Readability
  • Performance and Efficiency
  • Functionality and Correctness
  • Usability and Accessability


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